Natural and welsh candles have contributed to hundreds of charities every year by sending candles out for personal fund raising and local welsh events. 


in April 2022, we held an evening with Scott Quinnell and raised £7500 in our local rugby club to help fund the rescue and gave 50% to them and 50% to the rugby club to fund tours and equipment.


Charity candle 

 In 2020 an awful year for most, Team Q  decided to release a charity candle as a small way of saying thank you to all key workers, NHS staff and a few other chosen charity's during the pandemic ,50% of the profits made were given to the charities.



Candles on the cobb.

In 2015, 2018 and 2022 we were delighted and honoured to donate 5000 t-lights each year to the wonderful Candles on the Cobb charity in Lyme Regis.

The candles were handmade by the family here at Quinnell Candle Company, Nicola ,Scott and family friends then delivered them to Lyme Regis and participated in the event by helping light them with the many volunteers, to commemorate the memory of loved ones lost and people having a tough time.

the money raised was given to local causes and national charities. Despite the awful weather, the event was a great success and the candles burnt bright for the night. 


The beautiful scene of the evening 

Nicola hand pouring the t-lights 


 Three salmons chairity night with Scott Quinnell - 

Team Q hosted a fantastic charity evening in the three salmons Usk, in 2019. This evening meant a lot to us as the chosen charity's are very close to our hearts due to close friends involvement. We can happily say the night was a great success and good time had by all raising £5500 
 Between the two amazing charity's the welsh air ambulance and The Ted Senior foundation. 





Riding disabled Charity association 

 Guests at a riding disabled association charity evening enjoying a few of the 200 tins donated to help the cause. 



New start cat rescue USK

We donate all money raised via 5p bag charge throughout the year, to the new start cat rescue when we attend Stalls and markets throughout the country.