Nicola and Scott have been artisan chandlers, since 2009 after attending a course in London how to make candles and make their own perfume. The Quinnell family started our business which the children we all got involved in to help us grow and flourish.
The Quinnell family children grew up and found their own paths and the company was left too Nicola and Scott (the dream team) once again too run.
Nicola and Scott  wanted a new start like the ancient Welsh Celtic spiral symbol used with their new branding, they used their positive energies and evolved with the change, so Natural and Welsh Candles was born, promoting well being and going back to their Welsh and Celtic roots.
We hand make candles, diffusers and melts in small batches, they are made with much love and care, using GM free soya wax with top of the range cosmetic grade parfums all made in the UK.
We are big animals lovers with 5 dogs and a cat so we do not use any products that are tested on animals.
Why are we different from other companies you may ask, its because our candles burn properly, no wax left and the diffusers keep their fragrance till the last drop, there is no waste and thats integrity for you after many years of testing before opening.
Our company prides itself on only using the very best ingredients and being as environmentally sustainable as possible, we have created a luxurious product that you will love and enjoy we sell only our artisan range online only as we support the small independant shops who we supply with our range Nic & Scott xxxx